ANNOUNCING! Bilal Kaafarani, Co-Author of the book Breaking Away Will Lead New Innovation Company in Istanbul, Turkey


Groundbreaking New Innovation Model Featured in the book BREAKING AWAY to Be Implemented in New Company – NORTHSTAR INNOVATION in Istanbul, Turkey

In January 2012, Bilal Kaafarani was named as Vice Chairman of Northstar Innovation in Istanbul, Turkey, a  company that will implement his groundbreaking new innovation model featured in the book.



Ülker’le röportajda tanıştım vizyonuna hayran olup geldim

‘İnovasyon üstadı’ Bilal Kaafarani, Coca-Cola’dan transfer olduğu Ülker’de göreve başladı. Kaafarani, iş liderleri hakkında yazdığı kitap için röportaj yaptığı Murat Ülker’in vizyonundan çok etkilendiğini belirterek, “Yıldız Holding ve Türkiye için kendisiyle konuştuğumuz pek çok fikrin hayata geçmesini çok arzu ediyorum” dedi


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Ülker and Kaafarani will make “inventions” with North Star

Murat Ülker, CEO of Ulker, first brought Bilal Kaafarani, master of innovation, to his company as R&D Group President from Coca-Cola in April 2011, then become a partner with him. Kaafarani is one of the world's “Top 25 Masters of Innovation” according to BusinessWeek magazine in the US. 

Bilal Kaafarani who was senior VP of Global Innovation and Technology at Coca-Cola for the last 4 years, was hired as Global Innovation and R&D Group President (all categories except beverages) at Yildiz Holding in April 2011.

Northstar was selected

Bilal Kaafarani established a company named “Northstar Innovation Industrial Investments” with Murat Ülker as partners this week. Main partner of the company is Yildiz Holding and the capital of the company is worth 100 thousand lira. 

Ali Ülker and Ahmet Ozokur, grandsons of Sabri Ülker, Honorary President of Yildiz Holding, are among partners of the company.

According to the information received, the new company will have operations to conduct research, development, production and registration of all kinds of “facts” regardless of sector. Research on methods to increase productivity and consultancy services will be among the new company’s objectives.

They will set up a base…

Kaafarani, originally from Lebanon, met with Murat Ülker while conducting interviews for his book (Breaking Away) on business leaders. During an interview with Kaafarani in April he stated that they would design a “location” and mentioned “our aim with this location is to improve and develop our current business, analyze business processes in detail and to make brainstorming”.

The innovation base, mentioned before by Kaafarani, is expected to function within the new company.


“Para” Magazine 

January 1-7, 2012

North Star of Ulker 

The foundation of Ulker was laid by Sabri and Asil Ulker in 1944. Chocolate and food giant Yildiz Holding has been growing with the direction of Murat Ulker.

By the end of 2010, Yildiz Holding has 24,400 employees, 10.5 billion dollar turnover and 54 plants including 9 plants abroad. The variety produced in these plants includes biscuit, chocolate, milk and dairy, baby food and packaging. It has been producing 3,500 products under 280 brands. In addition, it has serious operations in finance and real estate. In short, it is one of the most dynamic groups. 

It has not been announced its numerical values for 2011 yet but the group is estimated to have grown by 15%. In 2007 it purchased Godiva, the global chocolate brand, and Marsan Gida and Sok Market Chain in 2011. The Ulker family has been establishing new companies and signing new partnerships. It was one of the groups that established lots of companies last year. It established nearly a company per month.  

The Ulker family established a new company called “North Star Industrial Investments and Consultancy Incorporated Company” the last week of 2011. 

Ninety nine percent of the company belongs to Yildiz Holding with a capital worth of 100 thousand lira. Bilal Moussa Kaafarani who is an executive responsible for R&D at Yildiz Holding since April 2011, has a symbolic share of the new company. 

Kaafarani, acknowledged as one of the top 25 innovation masters of the world, will take the reins at the new company. 

We could not get detailed information on the new company of Yildiz Holding. However, considering the operational objectives of the company, it will focus on research and development. According to news we heard, R&D activities will be centralized.  

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