“While innovation at its core is about creating something unique, we're trained to shut down the part of our brain that creates. Once we enter the corporate world, the left brain is valued even more......That's what we reward.....No wonder true innovation and true innovation leadership are so hard to come by."

–from the book BREAKING AWAY by Jane Stevenson & Bilal Kaafarani

In today's world, the demand for earth shattering breakthroughs and innovation projects that drive sustainable growth is great than ever. Many companies face a bleak future if they don't embrace innovation, innovation that is understandable and useful in the real world. 

We believe that the lessons taught in the book BREAKING AWAY should be incorporated into business schools and business courses at colleges and universities as well as into training programs at companies throughout the world.

We also offer a FULL DAY TRAINING PROGRAM for organizations.

BREAKING AWAY may be purchased for your company, organization, school, special programs, workshops and events at special discounted prices for bulk sales.

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