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Innovation is the Leading Imperative 

excerpted from an article by Jane Stevenson and Bilal Kaafarani


We believe leadership effectiveness represents a transition from “accountability for business survival”, to “being accountable for a thriving business”.

Survival Just Won’t Cut It Anymore

Over the past few years, powerful icons of business success have been brought to their knees or buried, making survival seem like success. However, survival just won’t cut it anymore.

Productivity has been the star of the economics show, but it will move to a supporting role. This is largely because “productivity is about fixing the past, and innovation is about creating the future”.

The devastating impact of collapsed financial markets destroyed business’ equilibrium. Then risk became the mortal enemy, cost cutting became an art form and reducing costs to build the bottom line became the norm. This is not a sustainable model, however.

The Top Line Is the New Bottom Line

Given the massive cost cutting businesses have already sustained, top line growth is essential to continue improving the bottom line. Without top line growth, it will be impossible to continue delivering the increased profitability that today’s shareholders demand. In short: The top line is the new bottom line.

Innovation Drives Top Line Growth

We are not suggesting that productivity will go out the window. We ARE suggesting, however, that developing sustainable top line growth will become paramount, and that innovation drives top-line growth. This puts innovation in the bulls-eye of leadership priorities because “innovation fuels growth, and leadership provides the fuel”. Innovation will become the leading business imperative. Without innovation, businesses won’t grow and thrive, and if a business isn’t growing, it’s dying.

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